Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good News, At Last

I am happy to report that I recently heard that three of my poems-- "Eating the Tree," "Two Rooms," "Watching Cloudring"-- have been accepted for publication by Flowers & Vortexes, a literary magazine that is actually based right here near Madison, Indiana. Double excitement! For a town of 13,000, Madison never ceases to amaze.

In reading news, I finished Moby Dick, plus all the bonus critical essays at the end (from the 1950s). D. H. Lawrence's was by far my favorite. No women critically essaying back then. At least none that were deemed fit for the Bantam Classics volume.

I'll be starting Ender's Game next. My brother Harlan recommended it to me a while back, and I'm on a mission to get teenage boys reading more, so I've got to delve into that genre (books boys might like, that is). Jon Scieszka (author of the Time Warp Trio and The Stinky Cheese Man) has started a non-profit for the same purpose called Guys Read. It's cool. Shocking statistics about boys lagging behind girls. Guess we've seen a reversal since the 50s.

That's all for now.

Enjoy the week,

(Art by Sonny Koren, Age 4)

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Jill Koren and Matthew Vetter said...

Congrats on the publications, Jill.