Sunday, September 12, 2010


Dear Readers,

Please excuse my infrequent updating as of late. Things have been busier than usual. The good news is I've accepted a position as a Ph.D. candidate at Ohio University in Athens, OH. My family and I officially moved on August 21, and I started teaching and taking classes just last week. Unfortunately, I've had less time for creative endeavors and haven't been writing or submitting since the latest rejection of my chapbook manuscript. I have managed to do a little reading, however, and am happy to have discovered a poet claimed by both Kentucky and Ohio (Summers worked at OU and UK). Below is a poem from his collection The Walks Near Athens (1959).

The Winter Walks in Athens, Ohio

Some bricks in the walks of ATHENS, Ohio, 
Are marked with ATHENS, Ohio, 
Encouraging students and other pedestrians 
To pretend to belong where they go. 

Some feet echo comfort in ATHENS, Ohio, 
Moving from ATHENS to ATHENS 
While firmly ensconced in ATHENS, Ohio, 
No matter how studiously pedestrian. 

Perhaps I should mention that harsh winds blow 
In passing through ATHENS,. Ohio, 
And some bricks are nameless, I know, 
And some are crippled in ATHENS. 
Thanks for reading, 

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Sorry for the long hiatus.  It's an even longer story.  But I came across something fun, so I wanted to share.  My "little" brother, Harlan, just went off to college and is taking what sounds like a fantastic creative writing class.  He pointed me to the link for From the Fishouse.  It's very much along the lines of Red Lion Sq.  Here is an excerpt from their site describing their mission:

Founded in 2004 by Matt O'Donnell and Camille T. Dungy, From the Fishouse is an IRS-registered non-profit that promotes the oral tradition of poetry. Our free online audio archive showcases emerging poets (defined for this purpose as poets with fewer than two published books of poetry at the time of submission) reading their own poems, as well as answering questions about poetry and the writing process. Our mission is to use online technology and other media to provide the public with greater access to the voices of emerging poets, and to provide an educational resource to students and teachers of contemporary poetry.

Me again.  I can especially recommend Rosal's "Poem for My Extra Nipple."  I also recommend the exercise.  Might even try it myself.  Just read Harlan's version and it was quite inspiring.

Happy poeting,