Monday, June 8, 2009

Poems at Literary Mama

I'm excited to have two poems (Penny Horse and
Measurements) featured in the June (Father's Day) issue of Literary Mama, an online magazine for the "maternally inclined." Thanks go to poetry editor Sharon Kraus, who so carefully read and responded to my (late) submission and senior editors Amy Hudock, Rebecca Kaminsky, and Shari MacDonald Strong. This is such an amazing journal; it's an honor to have my work up with so many talents.




Anonymous said...

I was excited to see another Spalding grad in the fatherhood issue. Your poems are great. "Penny Horse" gets me in particular. I've been writing a poem and working on a painting that both involve those mechanical horses forever associated with K-Mart in my head. Good stuff.

Amy Watkins (Copeland, to Spalding folks)

jilmeka said...

Congrats, Matt! Love that you are crossing gender lines, too.

jilmeka said...

Now that I've read the poems, I need to comment again. I love those, especially both endings. I've been thinking about endings again lately. Way to go.