Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Readings , Observations, Papers


I spent an exhausting weekend writing up a couple papers for classes. One on Pride and Prejudice, one on Ellen Glasgow's Barren Ground which, if you've never read, is an amazing novel. Tuesday, my dept. chair at MSU sat in on one of my classes to "observe." I think I did fairly well. I fumbled a little bit in certain spots of the lesson, and I lost some sleep replaying those parts in my head last night. I'm awaiting an assessment. Of course, with all this paper-writing and teaching- I haven't been making poems, and for the most part, when I don't make poems, everything else in my life seems to fall apart. I do have a couple readings coming up, (check out and I'm hoping those get me rolling again.

I hope you are reading and writing poems.


P.S. My new favorite pastime:

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